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Amnesty International flags persecution of religious minorities

Jacinto Perez, a community leader in Nebaj, Guatemala, resisting the hydroelectric dams on their ancestral territories. See upcoming story in Canadian Mennonite's June 11 edition, titled "This Land is Us." --Photo by Tobias Roberts, MCC

Editor's Note:  See the major feature "This Land is Us" in the  June 11 edition of Canadian Mennonite.

Links between Christianity and African traditional religion

John Samuel Mbiti has played a most important role in placing biblical studies and cultural heritage in the midst of the theological process. His main thrust and contribution in publications and teaching have been in the framework of African Heritage, Biblical, Ecumenical and Interreligious studies.

When a missionary asked Africans in Zanzibar to tell him something about their God, they simply said, "God thunders!" The cleric had travelled across the seas in the 19th century to tell "the heathens without religion" or "people with a primitive religion" about God.

Mormonism fast-growing faith in US

Even though their Mecca is the Temple in Salt Lake City, Utah, one non-Mormon observer says they are growing fast because "the way they organize themselves makes for more congregations."

Republican presidential front-runner Mitt Romney may or may not become the first Mormon to move into the White House next year, but a new study shows that Mormonism is moving into more parts of the country than any other religious group, making it the fastest-growing faith in more than half of U.S. states.


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