Sometimes I think we don't give stories enough credit. I, for one, love stories. But by the time the public education system has had its way, people lose their imagination. And... Read More
March 4, 2011 |
I recently had a conversation with an atheist that did not fit the narrow conception I had of how that should have gone. It was a helpful and constructive experience. In any event... Read More
March 4, 2011 |
Recently we had a whole weekend of hockey here in Calgary. I attended three of the four games. An AHL game indoors on Friday, a game with NHL alumni outdoors on Saturday afternoon... Read More
March 2, 2011 |
Special Training with Nate Yoder consisted of a fascinating walk through a history of Mennonites in the U.S. and their relationship with Pentecostalism. It explained a lot. For... Read More
February 28, 2011 |
I have always been a little uneasy with Jesus’ parable of ‘planning’ (Luke 14:28-31). Jesus asks whether the people would not plan ahead of time to make sure they had sufficient... Read More
February 26, 2011 |
I have never been so excited to get a pair of shoes. Let me tell you, I'm not the kind of person to care about clothing. To me, clothing is always functional. But I gotta tell you... Read More
February 23, 2011 |
The chapel was filled with faces, many of them known to each other, younger, older, in between, all excited , anticipating the next few days . We began in worship. The room was... Read More
February 21, 2011 |
Three times in one day, I was reminded of the need to listen. Worship in the morning focused on listening for God's voice, trying to calm our own voices and chattering to hear... Read More
February 16, 2011 |
Yesterday I swung by the University of Winnipeg to pick up a book. On my way back to the car I noticed a flash of colour standing out against the dirty white snow on the curb... Read More
February 9, 2011 |
In grade 7 I met a particularly tall kid whose nickname was 'Moose.' One day I asked one of the guys that went to the same junior elementary school as him when this nickname came... Read More
February 7, 2011 |
I can't tell you much about the experience. I signed a paper swearing me to secrecy, and allowing them to use anything I said. Maybe it's one of the most top secret organizations... Read More
February 7, 2011 |
This past Sunday I preached on Ephesians 4:4-16. I wanted to draw attention to two themes in the book. First is the abundance of language about abundance. Believers are filled... Read More
February 1, 2011 |
To start off the school year, I decided to make the first week a personal prayer week. Although I usually prefer this kind of commitment together with others, like Will's efforts... Read More
January 31, 2011 |
In the book Compassion: A Reflection on the Christian Life , Henri Nouwen, with co-authors Donald P. McNeill and Douglas A. Morrison, describe the current society's obsession with... Read More
January 26, 2011 |
I suppose I need to apologize for my relatively long absence from blogging. Things have been busy around the Loewen household. Last Monday we welcomed Jaden Timothy into our... Read More
January 24, 2011 |
After a refreshing and relaxing Christmas holiday in Canada, my spouse and I have returned to Harrisonburg, VA to continue our studies at Eastern Mennonite University. While going... Read More
January 17, 2011 |
I am detecting a consistent trend in my preaching. I am targeting the individual . This comes in part from my own experience and formation in existentialism but also in my... Read More
January 12, 2011 |
Reflecting on international students and culture the other day, a colleague commented on how a group of students who had been struggling in classes refused to blame anyone for... Read More
January 10, 2011 |
Top 5 Books of 2010 Worthy of Mention: Faith Begins at Home - Mark Holmen Blood of Heaven - Bill Myers 5. Have a Little Faith - Mitch Albom I have always enjoyed Mitch Albom's... Read More
January 4, 2011 |
Last summer, we were camping at Crabtree Falls in North Carolina. It was a new experience for us. We'd been through the state before, but had never spent a night and had never... Read More
January 4, 2011 |
I remember the first time I heard of the idea of reading the Bible all the way through. It seemed weird that this book I had only read verses or short stories from could be read... Read More
December 30, 2010 |
Recently, I've been asked a lot of questions about "things" in Korea. It's hard to know what to think about the recent violence on the peninsula from the English and Korean media... Read More
December 27, 2010 |
I have never gone shopping on Boxing Day. I'm not entirely sure why. Perhaps in some families it is tradition. In mine it wasn't, and I never showed any interested myself. Last... Read More
December 27, 2010 |
So as the end of the year approaches it seems that I will successfully live out my promise not to eat at McDonald's this year. The odds were against me from the very beginning... Read More
December 21, 2010 |
Ronald E. Osborn. Anarchy and Apocalypse: Essays on Faith Violence, and Theodicy (Cascade Books, 2010). Osborn’s short collection of essays is one of the more eclectic... Read More
December 17, 2010 |