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Leona (Unger) Rogalsky was born into an Evangelical Mennonite Conference (EMC) family in southern Manitoba in the 1930s. During her childhood, her family spent some time in the... Read More
November 4, 2015
| Artbeat | Dave Rogalsky
As a parent of young children, I read a lot of picture books. Some books I read under duress—my children love them and I tolerate them—and some books I read to my kids despite the... Read More
October 21, 2015
| Focus On | Natasha Krahn
Two Mennonite authors in British Columbia have recently published children’s picture books, both with across-the-world themes. Barbara Nickel of Yarrow is the author of the... Read More
October 21, 2015
| Focus On | Amy Dueckman
There’s nothing comfortable in the artwork of Edgar Heap of Birds. Especially for people whose ancestors came to this continent as settlers. Heap of Birds has described his art as... Read More
October 7, 2015
| Artbeat | J. Neufeld

Laura Bruno (Eliza Doolittle), Josh Neufeldt (Henry Higgins), Kate Strathdee (Eliza Doolittle), and Ben Thiessen (Colonel Hugh Pickering) perform in My Fair Lady. At music camp roles are often shared and at this point the two Elizas were changing places. (Photo by Dave Rogalsky)

When Linnea Thacker suggested to her co-director of Ontario Mennonite Music Camp, Elizabeth Rogalsky Lepock, that they perform a shortened version of My Fair Lady as the musical... Read More
September 9, 2015
| Artbeat | Dave Rogalsky

Christine Brubaker (left) and Erin Brubacher walk the last kilometre of 700 as they approach the Brubacher house on the grounds of the University of Waterloo. An invitation had gone out and a number of people joined them for the last hour of the journey. (Photo by Dave Rogalsky)

Erin Brubacher and Christine Brubaker are seventh cousins, more or less. Before their 700-kilometre walk from Brubaker Valley Road in Lancaster, Pa., to the historic John E... Read More
August 26, 2015
| Artbeat | Dave Rogalsky
In Search of Promised Lands: A Religious History of Mennonites in Ontario By Samuel J. Steiner. Herald Press, 2015, 877 pages. Sam Steiner has pulled off an amazing feat. He has... Read More
August 12, 2015
| Artbeat | Barb Draper

Bethany Horst sings in the benefit concert in Kitchener on May 24, 2015, helping raise funds for MCC’s Nepal Relief fund. (Photo courtesy of the Grand Philharmonic Choir)

With the Canadian Federal Government’s pledge to match funds for Nepal relief coming to an end, a flurry of events in Waterloo and Toronto raised an additional $28,000 on May 24... Read More
June 17, 2015
| Artbeat | Dave Rogalsky

The Greenbelt Festival in the U.K. draws 20,000 people a year.

Organizers of Canada’s newest festival of music, faith and social justice hope that the Skylight Festival will invigorate a generation of socially conscious Christians. The first... Read More
June 3, 2015
| Artbeat | J. Neufeld

Soloist Jillian Yemen (mezzo-soprano) sings to four young singers from the St. Michael`s Choir School who played the king’s sons in the Pax Christi Chorale’s May 3, 2015, performance of Parry’s Judith. (Photo by Dave Rosgalsky)

The apocryphal book of Judith contains the story of a righteous Jewish widow who saves her people from the ravages of the Assyrian/Babylonian army led by Holofernes. While her... Read More
May 20, 2015
| Artbeat | Dave Rogalsky
Lewis Burkholder’s A Brief History of Mennonites in Ontario , published in 1935, is a “brief” book compared to Sam Steiner’s new book on the same topic: In Search of Promised... Read More
May 6, 2015
| Artbeat | Dave Rogalsky

Ken Esau, right, director of biblical studies at Columbia Bible College, cuts the ribbon opening the Metzger Collection to the public. At left is Greg Thiessen, collection manager. (Photo by Amy Dueckman)

A one-of-a-kind collection of museum-quality art and artifact replicas has found a permanent home at Columbia Bible College. With the cut of a ribbon, the Metzger Historical... Read More
April 8, 2015
| Artbeat | Amy Dueckman

Rudy Wiebe shares themes from his new book, Come Back, with an audience at Trinity Western University in Langley, B.C. (Photo by Amy Dueckman)

“Faith and death: An evening with Rudy Wiebe” drew an interested crowd to hear the noted Canadian Mennonite author speak at Trinity Western University (TWU) on March 3. Wiebe read... Read More
March 25, 2015
| Artbeat | Amy Dueckman
A buzz of conversation filled the Bethany Manor fellowship hall as about 150 people gathered to celebrate the launch of three new books by Saskatchewan authors. Jake Buhler,... Read More
March 11, 2015
| Artbeat | Donna Schulz

Ted Swartz

“It’s a good thing you in the church are discussing homosexuality, because otherwise I don’t think you would be discussing sex at all,” was one of many funny lines Ted Swartz... Read More
February 25, 2015
| Artbeat | Dick Benner

Artist Lynda Toews is pictured in her studio with some of her works from ‘A place in the kingdom: Paintings and heritage stories celebrating farm animals,’ on display at the Mennonite Heritage Centre Gallery in Winnipeg until June 20. (Photo by Gary Brown)

With brilliant and detailed clarity, Manitoba artist Lynda Toews has painted a series of farm animal portraits that will be on display at the Mennonite Heritage Centre Gallery in... Read More
February 25, 2015
| Artbeat | Evelyn Rempel Petkau

Artist Ray Dirks, seated, and Hans (John) Funk looking over his easel. (Photo by Evelyn Petkau)

Seeking to honour the faith of Mennonite mothers who single-handedly brought their families through difficult and challenging experiences to safety, Winnipeg artist Ray Dirks has... Read More
August 28, 2014
| Artbeat | Evelyn Rempel Petkau