Abraham Dick

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A moment from yesterday

December 6, 2017 | Viewpoints | Volume 21 Issue 23
Laureen Harder-Gissing
Photo by Sarah Dyck, Mennonite Archives of Ontario

When Abraham Dick broke his back in 1938, the family struggled to keep up with the work on their farm near St. Agatha, Ont. Then one day in early November, they were surprised to hear the roar of tractors. Many neighbours had shown up unannounced to do the fall plowing. This picture of the event was cherished by the family for many years, and passed down to Abraham and Agatha Dick’s daughter, Sarah Dyck, who donated it to the Mennonite Archives of Ontario in 2017. Does your family also treasure stories of unexpected kindness?

For more historical photos in the Mennonite Archival Image Database, see archives.mhsc.ca.

Photo by Sarah Dyck, Mennonite Archives of Ontario

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