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Young Voices

Political dialogue 101 for Mennonites

Young Voices | By By Susan Guenther Loewen | Jun 08, 2011

This spring’s federal election rekindled my interest in Canadian politics after I’d experienced disillusionment with the whole process. Several elections changed nothing and the candidates I voted for always seemed to lose.

Printing places

Winnipeg printmaker Miriam Rudolph at work.

Young Voices | By Emily Loewen | Jun 08, 2011

Growing up, Miriam Rudolph always said she wanted to be an artist . . . or a gardener. Now, only 28 and working as a full-time printmaker, she gets to live out one of her childhood dreams.

Unsure when her creative drive began, Rudolph believes she always had an intrinsic desire to create. Her parents, both teachers, encouraged that desire, and a steady stream of art supplies for her mother’s early childhood education class gave her lots to work with.

Calling all ‘young voices’

Young Voices | By Emily Loewen | Jun 08, 2011

Here begins a new adventure: Canadian Mennonite’s Young Voices section. What is this section, you ask? Why is it here?

Upon reflection, the magazine realized that its readership is—how to put this gently—aging. And while this threatens the life and breath of subscriptions, it’s also a problem because many voices in the church aren’t part of the conversation.