Number 10

Redefining success

How do we measure success? When I served as a mission worker in Botswana, an African leader shared with me that their defi-nition of success is “good relationships.” By this he meant that all our economic success, status and all the letters behind our names mean nothing if we have sacrificed relationships in order to achieve these.

Four new directors named at 43rd annual CMPS meeting

Bryan Moyer Suderman

Henry Krause

Ken Reddig

Kuen Yee

Four new directors were named to the Canadian Mennonite Publishing Service (CMPS) board at its 43rd annual meeting held here from April 10 to 12. They are Henry Krause of Langley, B.C.; Ken Reddig of Pinawa, Man.; Bryan Moyer Suderman of Stouffville, Ont.; and Kuen Yee of Edmonton. All will serve three-year terms.

‘Simple living’ was writer’s beat

LaVerna Klippenstein

LaVerna Klippenstein will be remembered by many Canadian Mennonite readers for the columns she wrote in the Mennonite Reporter, precursor to this publication. She was also a regular columnist for 30 years for Christian Living magazine. Being a strong supporter of Christian education and the nurturing of Christian faith, she wrote many devotionals for Rejoice! and other publications.

A political lament

As an American living and working in Canada, I am both intrigued and saddened by two political events of the past ten days in these two North American countries—the take-out of Osama bin Laden by the U.S. military and the take-over by a militaristic Conservative majority government in Monday’s elections in Canada.

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