Full Time Associate Pastor

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Leamington United Mennonite Church, an active congregation in southwestern Ontario, is looking for an individual to join our existing pastoral team as a full-time associate pastor.

The focus for this associate pastor will include primary responsibilities for youth ministry with further duties adapted to complement the three continuing team members and regard the candidates gifts and sense of calling.

The candidate will share the congregation’s strong Anabaptist theology and growing community initiatives. Weekly attendance averages about 225 in the multi-generational worship service with an additional 100 or more participating through remote TV in the local Mennonite Home & Apartments.

Flexible starting time during 2018. Compensation according to MC Canada pastoral salary guidelines. This position is unique in that the successful candidate will join a team of more senior associate pastors.

Contact: Erwin Tiessen,Search Committee, 519-733-9940, etiessen@cogeco.ca.

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