For discussion: Pulling the curtain of hope over fear

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Questions for reflecting on and discussing the feature article, "Pulling the curtain of hope over fear" and the sidebars: "The joy of pizza" and "Potluck picnics in the park" (Feb. 16, 2015 issue) 

February 11, 2015 | Feature | Number 4
Barb Draper,

1. What are your fears about the church? How much do we fear the declining involvement of young people? How much do we fear secularism? Do we fear a decline in financial support for our churches and institutions? Does it feel as though God is abandoning the church?

2. Chris Brnjas and Jessica Reesor Rempel suggest that God is calling the Mennonite church “away from its comfortable era of institutional stability and pocketed cultural dominance,” and that maybe our institutions and unique culture have become idols. Do you agree? Are these young people offering a hopeful prophetic message?

3. Brnjas and Rempel write: “Increasingly, people no longer see Sunday morning church as mandatory for the Christian walk.” Do you agree? Is this because God is calling us to a different way of doing church or is it self-indulgence?

4. Do Rempel’s potluck picnics or Brnjas’s pizza Mondays sound attractive? Is this doing church in another form? Do you find hope in the emphasis on relationships? What signs of hope do you see in the young people of your community?

—Posted Feb. 11, 2015

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