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For discussion

Mar 30, 2011 | Volume 15, Number 7

1. How was your spirituality formed as you grew up? In what ways has Mennonite spirituality been changing?

2. Do you feel that you encounter God through your current spiritual practice? How important is it for our congregations to work at renewing spirituality? Is this best done individually or as communities? How can we best work at renewal?

3. Which of the four spiritualities that Corinne Ware articulates fits you best? Do the descriptions help you to see others around you as “spiritual” persons, although different from yourself?

4. What experiences have you had with guided spiritual retreats, seeing a spiritual director, or purposefully taking up classic spiritual disciplines like fasting, contemplative prayer, journalling, celebration or confession?  How did you begin? Who taught you? What influence have you seen in your life as a result of practising them?

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